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Hekate's Dogs


“The earth began to bellow, trees to dance and howling dogs in glimmering light advance Ere Hekate has come…”  - Virgil from The Aeneid



Towards the end

You begin to see

The Black dog move through

Brush past you in the green chair

Head towards the kitchen or weave between

You and those that come to visit


You speak of the dog only to me

Her presence is a comfort, you say

It’s okay that only I can see her

a question, an affirmation

Yes Mama


Only after you died

Did I realize

It was Ute, Ted’s sweet Rottweiler

that died a few years back


She had arrived, your son’s dog

a comforting emissary of Hekate

The goddess that always repays

being remembered

Her daughter at the three way crossroads

apple split open

small cakes in hand


Up through the ladder

And down again

She sent her companion


To bring you back.

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