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Ellen Marie Hinchcliffe is a queer Mama, poet, performer and filmmaker born in Dayton, Ohio on November 2, 1968. I am of Irish, English and German decent.  


Art for me is about translation. From spirit voices. From the great all. From dreams and visions and day to day life. My work is about ancestors, spirit, politics, contradictions, humor, confronting white supremacy and always about healing.  


I am a long time DIY artist- self publishing/producing and I also work with Pangea World Theater creating Placekeeping connections/ Story Circles/ Public Art and Performances along Lake Street. 


I live in Minneapolis two blocks from the Mississippi with my husband Juma B. Essie and our amazing daughter.  

I am always happy to have my work (free of charge) be a part of any event for community groups working on social change- please contact me if you would like to use my work in that way.


Please feel free to share poems, videos and writing with anyone who might be interested.  Please do not plagiarize or profit from my work- although if you figure out how to make a profit from my poetry-

I might forgive you and ask you how the hell you did it! 


Thank you for your interest in my work. 

Contact me at-   

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